How to Achieve a Secure Bond for Hair Systems?

How to Achieve a Secure Bond for Hair Systems?

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The bonding method for hair attachment tends to differ from person to person. It is no doubt very important to clean and prepare the scalp before attaching a hair system which is much required to secure a bond. It is worth visiting the best hair bonding center in Hyderabad.

There are different sorts of hair bonding options which are:

Tape-ons – Tape-ons are one of the best methods to keep the style in place. It is a two-sided tape which indeed has the power of super glue.

Clip-ons – The clip-ons method can indeed easily bond with the natural hair to one’s hair system. These are sewn into the hairpiece which happens to be easy-to-use clips.

Perimeter bond – This is considered as being a semi-permanent bond that does give a person the freedom to sleep in it and even wash one’s hair. 

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Full-head bonding – This bonding is quite similar to Perimeter bonding but there is no doubt a need to shave the part which is covered by a hairpiece. 

Liquid adhesives can be much useful for achieving undetectable appearance with the assistance of certain base materials for bonding. 

Steps to apply liquid adhesive:

  • Do apply a rather thin layer of liquid adhesive making use of the application tool to one’s scalp’s bonding area. It is possible to apply a thin layer to the back of the hair system.
  • Both surfaces need to be completely dry.
  • The drying of the liquid adhesive can vary from one type of liquid to another. It is advisable to wait for the first layer to dry completely.
  • It is better to apply additional layers of adhesive much depending upon the experience with the particular product.
  • Let the layers of adhesive dry completely for perhaps 10 minutes or more.
  • It is also possible to experiment with different adhesives to see how they do vary in hold time.

The best bonding method for attachment is indeed distinct for each person. Factors such as one’s hairstyle, what base type the person chooses, and how long he or she intends to wear the hair system do determine what is best for the person. 

When a person shaves the scalp in preparation for attachment, it is better to shave the entire bonding area. Shaving:

  • Provides a stronger bond.
  • Prevents irritation as one’s hair grows in underneath the system.
  • Makes it significantly easier to attach the system and maintain one’s bond.

How to Achieve a Secure Bond for Hair Systems?

What to avoid?

Track bonding

This method means shaving just a ring for the bonding area and thus leaving growing hair inside the ring. Track bonding is indeed difficult as a person has to match the tape on the base with the shaved ring, which does make applying liquid adhesive challenging as well. As hair grows, it tends to push monofilament as well as skin bases up and grow through lace bases, showing dark areas in one’s part and thus making the lace areas more noticeable. The growing hair does become uncomfortable and very itchy. Scalp oils tend to collect on the hair under the system and cause the bond to break down faster.

Tape tabs

Bonding with tape tabs does pose many of the same difficulties as using track bonding, except that the bond is much less secure. As the entire perimeter is not bonded, sweat, oil and does penetrate the tab areas and then rapidly breaks down the bond.

Bonding options

Depending on one’s personal needs, there are several bonding options available for attaching the hair system. A comprehensive Consulting the hair replacement consultant helps.


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