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Hair Loss – No Escape

Hair loss or alopecia medically happens to be a condition that leads to too much hair fall and also thins the hair. In this health issue, there is reduced or virtually no new hair re-growth

A person suffering from alopecia finds the disease very distressing as hair loss can cause baldness. Baldness affects one’s looks and also the person suffering from it loses confidence and also suffers from low self-esteem.

Medications are there to treat baldness but in case they fail to provide the required results then the best option is restoration for an instant fix for hair loss problem or baldness. Undoubtedly, the best way out and safest too is for that natural look and confidence again is to go for non-surgical hair replacements or systems. These hair restoring solutions which do not require painful surgery are excellent hair thinning solutions.

Hair Systems make provide much comfort and confidence!

Needs Hair Studio has been acknowledged as a popular term for non-surgical hair replacement, hair pasting, hair fixing and also several kinds of hair systems. There are several choices as far as customized hairpieces are concerned such as synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs that do meet up to the specific needs of the individual.

Needs Hair Studio offers the best and advanced cosmetic and non-surgical hair replacement in our branches.


Hair Replacement – For Hair loss treatment

It is worth considering non-surgical hair replacement such as hair fixing, hair bonding, hair weaving, hair pasting or perhaps hair systems. Gender does not count really as hair fixing is considered to be safe as well as a non-invasive method providing hair restoration solutions for hair loss in both men as well as women.

Much popular are hair wigs as well as hairpieces or hair systems and are well received by users as being sophisticated as compared to their conventional counterparts. These are cost-effective kinds of hair loss treatment providing a natural look instantly. They are, undoubtedly, safe as well as non-invasive and are useful to cope up with heredity baldness, chemotherapy and so forth.

The Procedure – How it functions?

Hair restoration procedure via hair systems or hair replacement is linked with the hair loss problem of the affected person and thus begins from this stage of treatment. The experts focus on in-depth evaluation of hair loss as well as baldness to what degree the individual is affected and also on the thickness as well as density of the existing hair, the color of the hair, its type cum style and what the patient requirements are.

  • • To start with by concentrating on the initial design consultation, the experts focus on the basics of the hair restoration processes in order to create a suitable product and look.
  • • As far as the designing of the hairpieces is concerned, there is much to choose from for the client as there are several options of cost-effective hair systems that are available. There is also the option to go in for customized hair attachments.
  • • Subsequent to this process, preference is given to a transparent, thin membrane of hairpiece, which is weaved into natural human hair and then placed onto shaved and cleaned scalp making use of glue or clips.

Who can go for hair replacements?

Be it male-related baldness or hair loss occurring after a medical condition or perhaps baldness caused due to hereditary factors, hair fixing or hair systems do offer an instant solution to all the above concerns.

For whom is this non-surgical hair restoration best suited?

  • • For this suffering from total baldness
  • • For those people having difficulty in stimulating hair growth even via medications
  • • Hair fixing is also for those having access t only a few hair donors in case hair transplantation is not well suited for them.
  • • Hair systems have been accepted as being a good choice for instant fixation for balding or baldness.
  • • For the persons who do not want to undergo through this hassle of surgical treatments such as hair transplantation for hair restoration

Hair Fixing:Which way you want?

Hair Bonding

Hair Bonding

An often adopted hair restoration option is the application of the wefted hair patch to one’s existing hair, making use of special FDA approved adhesives. Hair bonding happens to be the most comfortable hair restoration procedure that does give unmatched natural-looking results in no time. There are no side-effects. Hair bonding if performed by experts does provide fullness as well as length to one’s hair. It is lass for a short period of time and the patient needs to visit the clinic for follow-up monthly maintenance.

DHT Hair Transplant Centre in Hyderabad

Hair Clipping

Hair clipping is part and parcel of the hair restoration system. The hair patch clips have been acknowledged as non-surgical no-glue attachment hair patches/ wigs that are also attached with the clips. It is preferred by those clients who would like to remove the hair clip as per their convenience.It will be a complete natural look.

Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving

A popular conventional method of hair attachment is the track happens to be prepared thus making use of the individual’s existing hair and the hairpiece or the hair patch which is in turn, is sewn or weaved on the track. Then, a proper stylized cut is done to the hair for a natural look. This method requires the client to get the hair attachment serviced.

Does Hair Fixing work? Hair Replacement Limitations & Benefits

For the best results, it is necessary for a Trichologist to assess the amount of hair required, the risk that needs to be taken and prospects of a safe recovery. No doubt, there is less replacement side effect and thus the surgical procedure is often successful and hair replacement results are indeed permanent as well as natural.


  • Non-surgical hair replacement for baldness means no pain, no scars and of course no side effects
  • Desired and natural looks can be had in no time and it involves Instant hair fixing results.
  • Nor surgical procedures mean undetectable, unnoticeable natural looking hairline
  • Custom-made hair systems are available for one’s taste.
  • Easily maintained: It is possible to swim, sleep, and take shower as one pleases and style the natural hair. There is no need to remove it prior to bathing or going to bad
  • Much stability is there under any sort of circumstances

Frequently Asked Questions

There is much perfection in a non-surgical hair replacement system that is designed to fit perfectly. Hair systems provide 100% natural hair looks, provided they are designed as well as maintained well. At Needs Hair Studio, the focus is on a detailed cum personalized consultation for individuals who are keen on hair restoration via hair fixing systems.

On visiting the Needs Hair Studio, experts carry out an evaluation of the extent of baldness and the needs of the client prior to designing the hairpiece. In fact, the hair attachments that have been offered by Needs Hair Studio are composed of 100% virgin natural human hair that is similar to the color as well as the type of the existing hair of the individual, thus giving a completely natural look.

Hair Replacement System Cost

The hair fixing cost in India can depend on the level of baldness, volume as well as density of the hair kind that a person so desires. The focus is on quality of the hair system that the person opts for and whether they consist of natural human hair perhaps synthetic. It may vary from clinic to clinic and city to city. Approximately, the hair system does cost in India between Rs. 25,000 - Rs. 1,00,000. This is of course only a rough estimate and may vary much depending on the city where a person gets hair fixing done.

In case a person is interested in getting more information like for example setting up a complimentary design session or getting cost estimation for their customized hair systems, then it is advisable to go in for a consultation with any of the three Needs Hair Studio Clinics in our branches.