Hair Bonding

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Hair bonding happens to be a painless as well as quick way in order to increase the length of one’s hair. In case a person is not too happy with the length of his or her hair, compatible hair extensions can be added to one’s existing hair through this non-surgical procedure. It also works as a solution for hair loss conditions. Hair bonding is a low cost remedy as compared to hair replacement surgery. This non-surgical process can also be conducted in hair thinning conditions.

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  1. How is the treatment done?
  • Hair bonding happens to be the perfect process for both men as well as women in need for an immediate hair loss solution. Soft silicon glue is used properly on the affected areas of one’s scalp in order to fix the synthetic hair system.
  • Then, it is rather merged well with the already existing hair strands. A person may choose the kind of hair a person wants according to one’s budget and the texture of one’s existing hair.
  • Cost of hair bonding process happens to be lesser than any other hair loss treatment. It is important to consult an experienced hair technician or doctor in order to get proper advice about what sort of synthetic hair needs to be added to one’s existing hair.
  • Clients can seriously think of visiting best hair bonding center.

  1. Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)
  • A person, who has semi-permanent hair loss condition or would rather prefer to increase the length of his or her existing hair, may indeed go in for hair bonding procedure.

  1. Who is not eligible for the treatment?
  • Making an appointment with the hair technician or even doctor prior to the hair bonding session in order to ensure that a person is not allergic to any sort of the products that are being made use of during the procedure is important.

  1. Are there any side effects?
  • Hair bonding is done with the use of glue as well as adhesive may damage one’s hair in the long run. Hair can become dry, dull and frizzy. All these effects can rather be avoided if good care and usage of prescribed products are done.

  1. What are the post-treatment guidelines?
  • There happen to be specialized hair products that are available in the market meant to be used on bonded hair. A person must use the shampoo, conditioner, hair gel as well as serum as suggested by one’s hair technician or doctor. Visiting one’s hair bonding centre every month in order to ensure proper condition of one’s new hair is required.

  1. How long does it take to recover?
  • Hair bonding process can indeed be carried out in a particular session that lasts few hours. The results can be seen immediately. The person can get back to his or her routine activities from the very next day while adhering to all the instructions provided by the doctor.
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  1. Are the results of the treatment permanent?
  • The results of the treatment are not all that really permanent. A person will have to indeed repeat the process of bonding one’s hair from time to time.

  1. What are the alternatives to the treatment?
  • Rubbing one’s scalp with onion juice, ginger juice along with garlic juice does improve baldness. A person can try hot oil treatments or even perhaps massaging with egg oil. However, these treatments do not guarantee hair growth or even decrease in baldness.