How to add volume to hair within minutes?

How to add volume to hair within minutes?

The best hair transplant center in Hyderabad can be visited to add volume to one’s hair. Clients can also visit the best hair transplant center for thick and lustrous hair.

Several celebrities do manage to have longer, thicker, as well as glamorous hair. What is the secret behind this? How can a person have longer and thicker hair instantly? No doubt, people can go in for hair extension. It is a good idea to visit the best hair transplant center in Hyderabad.

The best hair transplant center in Hyderabad can do the needful. Experts will guide well and also add volume to the hair.

How to choose hair extension?

  • It is better to avoid very long extension as it looks unnatural. Not too short either and therefore it needs to be a couple of inches longer than natural hair.
  • It is a good idea to ensure that there is a match of the hair extension color to the natural hair color.
  • The texture of one’s hair needs to match with one’s natural hair texture. Style one’s extensions according to one’s natural hair.
  • Fixing hair extensions and using the clip-on is indeed very an easy way out.

How to add volume to hair within minutes?

  • Make a pony.
  • Attach the extensions over it.
  • Clip it while wrapping it around the pony.
  • Take a small section and then wrap the attached area.
  • To conceal the attachment.
  • Secure it with the pin.
  • Take one part of the pony.
  • Divide it into two parts and then twist it inwards
  • Wrap it around the pony.
  • Secure it with the help of a pin.
  • Repeat the same with the entire hair.
  • Secure it with the help of a pin.
  • Set it with setting spray

Who likes flat hair like a pancake and this happens when the hair gets wet in the rainy season. The instinct to add volume to hair I to use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner exists.

No doubt, getting voluminous hair is not all that easy, but it is not impossible. It is possible to add body in only about five minutes. And that naturally makes the issue of having beautiful hair easy.


It begins with an open washing routine. Ideally, it is good to use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. If the latter is not needed then it is possible to skip it. Then, a person has to quickly dry the roots with the product. In case a volumizer is not applied or roots dried, from wet to dry, then it is difficult to get the lift back in. The roots can be manipulated when wet.

A mousse or a root lifter or any product that can starch up the hair can be made use of. If interested in a lifting effect, it is important to look at a root lifter with high alcohol content. The product needs to be zero moisture, promoting stiffness and hardness. This makes the style pliable and thus volume remains throughout the day.

After applying the product, the roots need to be dried up with the nozzle of the hairdryer pointed up.

If Looking for Lasting Volume

While extensions can indeed help to wear a voluminous look for days on end, it is also advisable to talk to the doctor or the hairstylist about hair supplements. A plant-based daily hair supplement does help with re-growth. It is necessary to nourish the hair from the inside out, and this is highly recommended to clients. There are several popular hair supplements available.

Thus it is good to add volume to the hair and look attractive. The hair needs to be healthy and lustrous. Adding hair to volume can be done at the best hair transplant center.