How to Choose the Right Hair System Fitting Needs?

How to Choose the Right Hair System Fitting Needs?

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Purchasing a proper hair system means adhering to the following three issues: properly measuring one’s head size, choosing the appropriate hair density as well as getting a good color match. This should indeed be the priority when dealing with one’s order. Hair bonding in Hyderabad is worth looking into.

Getting the proper hair system

The design process needs to begin with the correct fitting of the base or foundation as well as correct color matching.

The measurements depend on two things: the type of attachment and the size as well as the shape of the bald patch.

Attaching with tape

Attaching with tape does require a perfect fit in size as well as shape and also blending with one’s own hair. If choosing to use tape to attach a hair system, then the base size needs to be smaller than or the same as the hair loss area and should not overlap one’s own hair. Otherwise, the tape or glue will stick to one’s own hair and also cause problems (i.e. it will be painful when removing one’s hair system). Naturally, the base size should be as small as possible. The color needs to be matched perfectly as well. The only exception to this sort of method is when own existing hair happens to be thin for it to blend well with the hair system.

How to Choose the Right Hair System Fitting Needs?

Bond or Graft

For a total graft or perhaps bonds such as in a total skin or total lace attachment, it is advisable to take measurements smaller than or of the same hair loss area as in the case of attaching with tape.

Clips, Snaps, Fusion, etc

If preferring to have the hair system attached to one’s own hair, then it is good to make the measurements large enough to go into the existing hair for the existing hair to hold the hair system in place. This method depends on the quality of one’s existing hair.

When to take measurements and when to make molds/templates

The general rule adopted is when the bald patch is over 6.5” x 9.5”, it is better to make a mold. For sizes smaller than 6.5” x 9.5” most of the time, standard shapes as well as contours will fit well. For bigger sizes, on the other hand, there might be buckles during fitting as different people might tend to have different contours.

Choose the right base

Choosing the right base is very important. Most people prefer the most natural-looking bases but at the same time, durability is also important. It is not easy to have a very natural as well as very durable base. The more natural a hair system, then the less durable it will be. The more durable implies less natural. Before ordering, a thorough understanding of the different types of bases does need to be done.

How to choose hair color

If taking a hair sample it is good to avoid taking a volume of hair that is too short or too small. The color at the back is normally the darkest part of one’s head.


All the required information is available at the best hair system center in Hyderabad and clients can choose the proper hair system accordingly. Hairpiece selection is a difficult process and it does involve an investment that can be heavy on one’s budget. Nevertheless, proper selection of hair system has to be done carefully.