How to style hair system without damaging it?

How to style hair system without damaging it?

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Everybody is keen to style their hair and also ensure not damaging it. How to do so? The best hair system in Hyderabad also involves these steps to wash hair without damage.

Any sort of heat styling can damage one’s hair, drying it out and making it fragile as well as brittle.

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Dyeing one’s hair will cause varying degrees of damage to one’s hair system and even hair loss, so a person needs to have some tips to ensure that the person does minimize the damage caused to the wig by hair dye. Thus, it is possible to have to achieve a hair system that happens to be both stylish and of high quality.

How to style hair system without damaging it?


It is advisable to use a styrofoam tip as it does permit a person to manage his or her hair accessory with ease. If making use of it, cover the styrofoam tip tightly with aluminum foil. This will indeed protect the hair system and also allow a person to use it again the next time he or she wants to color the hair.

Then place the hair system on the styrofoam head and make sure it is secured. Then, gently brush or comb via one’s hair system to remove any possible tangles. This step provides a very smooth hair coloring process.


Unlike natural hair, a wig absorbs color more readily than it should, so the person needs to be careful with the color choice. The next step is mixing the hair dyes.


This step is the heart of the whole process. A person needs to be very careful as well as the patient.

First of all, a person needs to make sure that he or she is wearing gloves, as the hair dye contains harsh ingredients that can indeed damage the skin and also color the hands, which can be difficult to clean.

Once the gloves are on, take the comb and then use it to apply the dye to one’s hair system. Be very careful to only apply the dye to the hair of the hairpiece and not to the base of one’s hairpiece as this will cause unwanted stains.


Once the hairpiece system has the desired color, it is time to rinse it out against the reasonable amount of time given in the instructions. Gently take it off the styrofoam head and then rinse with warm water – do make sure the dye touches the base of one’s hair system as little as possible.

After rinsing the hair system, a person need not forget to make use of a hair care product. Because hair dyes do contain a lot of harsh ingredients that can rather damage the hair cuticle, a person may find that the wig tends to become less smooth and drier afterward. It can be tangled easily.


Once excess water is rinsed out of the hair accessory system and then dries it. It is important to be gentle with the wig. Use a soft towel for drying the hair system, and avoid wringing the towel, secondly press it gently to get rid of most of the moisture before gently placing it on the model and letting it dry naturally. A person needs to be very gentle throughout the whole process so as not to cause any tangles or hair loss. The best mirage hair patch service is available for a stylish look.