Is shaving off the hair for Hair Replacement System Needed?

Is shaving off the hair for Hair Replacement System Needed?

Advanced hair replacement in Hyderabad is done professionally and clients can be assured of a good job as far as advanced hair replacement is concerned.

Often the question that arises in a client’s mind does he or she have to shave off the hair from the top for the hair replacement system to be adhered to. The answer is yes. It is necessary to shave off the upper part to stick to the hair system. When the hair present on the upper part does begin to grow then the hair system does become loose as it pushes the hair system while growing.

Due to this, the hair system will not have a proper grip. This can be done via advanced hair replacement in Hyderabad.

The second question is: Will the scalp gets damaged and the answer to this query is No. The client at times goes in for local products that are not medically approved, thus causing huge damage to the scalp. These clients are advised to make use of only medically approved products as there less scope for infection. If the scalp happens to be very sensitive then it is advised to use mild glue which has a less life span of around 15 days.

Is shaving off the hair for Hair Replacement System Needed?

Usually, strong bond glue is suggested which has a lifespan of around 25 days. When the scalp does get used to glue then the service will be once in 30 days. Itchiness can be felt for a few days. In case of itchiness then avoid scratching as it might damage the hair. Whenever a person experiences an itchy feeling then it is necessary to tap it.

The next question that arises is whether the hairline looks natural and the answer is it will. As compared to the clip-on method then the Stick-on method will indeed appear natural. As far as the clip-on method is concerned, the clips might create a rather unnoticeable gap that will not provide a natural look.

Advanced hair replacement does pose several questions.

The stick-on method is seamless and will indeed allow one’s scalp to breathe. The glue or tape is on the perimeter area only so that the entire area can rather breathe. Air and sweat can easily pass via the Base Mesh. It is very secured as compared to other methods. It has a very high bonding period on account of glue and tape.

Hair-related activities such as washing the hair can cause hair to fall. Hair fall does occur in every natural hair system over time. The life of the hair system much depends upon the hair system density and the base material that is made use of. Usually, a thin base may perhaps remain for 3 months and a thicker base can approximately last for about 6 months.

A person can comfortably sleep wearing a stick-on hair system and will get used to it over some time. It is a single strand implanted base that does have a free-flowing parting. This will indeed help a person to try out different hairstyles and these can be changed very easily. It is advised not to use strong products for this method as the hair system is very delicate.

A strong product removal process can cause hair loss. Try to make use of products that happen to be very mild such as water-based gel, mild serum, and mild wax. The client can shampoo his or her hair once or twice a week. In case of a very hectic lifestyle then it is possible to rinse the hair rather than making use of shampoo.

Avoid oiling the scalp while wearing it. The client can go in for an oil massage. When going for service. Wearing a helmet will not affect the hair system. The hair needs to be re-styled after removing the helmet. Initially, The client will not be told to service by him or herself and in due course will be encouraged to learn it step by step.


Thus advanced hair replacement in Hyderabad makes use of a sophisticated approach.