Natural Hair Wigs vs Synthetic: What is the best option?

Natural Hair Wigs vs Synthetic: What is the best option?

Bald people want hair and do opt for medical hair replacement as well as advanced hair replacement. Look good by having a stylish hairstyle and that too by choosing the proper wig no doubt.

The choice several people have to make often is whether to opt for natural hair or synthetic hair wigs. A natural-looking hairpiece can also have synthetic hair in it. In fact, high-quality synthetic hair does replicate natural hair very well and also is more durable as compared to natural hair. Synthetic hair can also rather retain curl better. Synthetic hair does tend to be less expensive and has lower maintenance cost. People do go in for medical hair replacement as well.

Human Hair wigs and Synthetic Wigs

Human hair wigs are usually more expensive than the ones that are made of synthetic fiber. Does this imply human hair wigs are rather better than synthetic fiber wigs? How to know which is better?

Human hair and Synthetic do have their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Wigs Made With Human Hair

Advantages of Human Hair Wigs

Human hair looks as well as feels the very natural. It is important to realize poor quality human hair is not worth the money in the long run at all. Remy human hair is acknowledged as a premium option as it is usually easier to style and tangles are much less due to all the follicles being kept in a similar direction during construction. Human hair is soft and has a shine. It is versatile and can be styled well according to taste.

Disadvantages of Human Hair

Human hair wigs and extensions are not inexpensive. Good quality hair is pricey. It also takes much more time to style and care for. The style does not really hold like a synthetic wig would. In case of a busy lifestyle or a tight budget, this may not be of much choice. Similar to natural hair, human hair will indeed react to weather conditions and will go flat or frizz if weather dictates.

Advantages of Synthetic Hair

Much focus has been on perfecting synthetic hair fiber for it to look like human hair. The look is indeed indistinguishable from human hair wigs and the feel is also much similar. Most synthetic wigs can rather be worn with minimal or no styling needs and they still look attractive.

Unlike human hair, synthetic hair does hold its style despite whatever the climate may be.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair

No need to take time to style as the style or curl pattern is set right in and also stays. As the prices are much more reasonable, it is of course easy to afford a straight and a wavy version without having to put much styling effort.

There are no doubt heat-friendly synthetic options which allow styling more like human hair wigs. But styling is still indeed a challenge on account of fiber’s natural resistance to change. Much advancement is there in heat friendly synthetic fiber and better technology is in the offing.


Both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have their advantages and disadvantages. The focus only has to be on one’s needs, wants, as well as budget. If budget permits, a person would prefer fantastic human hair wig. Of course, it is advisable to have synthetic wig or two for one’s daily needs or for more casual days. Ideally, both types of hair on the other hand are indeed good choices for different occasions. Advanced hair replacement is also a good idea as well as medical hair replacement.

It does help to have a virtual face-to-face consultation with experts at hair clinics prior to opting for a natural hair wig or synthetic wig.