Tips to reduce swelling after a hair transplant

Tips to reduce swelling after a hair transplant

A hair transplant is a good option for those faced with baldness. Hair transplant in Hyderabad is unique and patients can opt for it without any worries.

Hair restoration may be considered minimally invasive, but it is still a surgical procedure and can rather result in swelling regardless of if the surgery is carried out smoothly or not. Swelling after a hair transplant in Hyderabad as well as elsewhere does entail methods to reduce the swelling after it is completed.

Tip #1  Keep One’s Head Elevated

This does help reduce swelling after a hair transplant. Elevation needs to be as much as possible. At sleep time, it becomes necessary to try to sleep in an elevated position and avoid sleeping on one’s stomach. Add a few pillows under the head to ensure to follow this tip to reduce swelling after a hair transplant. If having a recliner, this would be the best place to sleep for at least the first few weeks.

Tip #2  Stay Hydrated

It is better to stay hydrated to reduce swelling after a hair transplant. Drinking water is indeed very important and has several health benefits. Consuming water will rather help cleanse out the liquid that was injected during one’s hair transplant procedure. Fluids are cleared from the lymphatic system rather more efficiently when they are of course flushed with water. If hydrated and drinking at least 2-3 liters of water a day can indeed ensure swelling disappears faster than if not drinking much water.

Tip #3  Massage One’s Forehead

This is considered a very useful tip for lessening swelling after a hair transplant. A person must sweep a gentle motion from the center of one’s forehead to the side to push fluid under the person’s skin. When doing so, it is essential to avoid touching one’s recipient area and try not to pull the skin.

Tip #4  Take Medicine

After the hair transplant, the doctor might prescribe a person a few anti-inflammatory medicines with instructions on how a person needs to take them. Following the doctor’s advice is important for optimal results and to help reduce swelling.

Tips to reduce swelling after a hair transplant

Few doctors tend to inject a person with a very low dose of steroids to assist with reducing swelling on one’s forehead.

Tip #5  Get Enough Rest & Avoid Exercise

People follow a daily routine that includes a daily exercise routine. If looking to follow tips to reduce swelling after a hair transplant, then for at least 3-4 days it is better to get enough rest and avoid exercising vigorously. This can in fact cause swelling, and results in sweating which could cause an infection and thus affect the healing process negatively.

After 4 days, the patient will be able to do some light to regular activities. If he or she pushes him or herself to exercise vigorously, then the swelling can indeed get so bad that it could lead to bursting which in turn can form blood clots.

Tip #6  Bring on the Ice Pack

Apply an ice pack around the eyes and forehead for around 10 minutes to reduce swelling. This helps by constricting one’s blood vessels where the ice pack is placed, which in turn does reduce puffiness as well as swelling. If having to go through the various tips to reduce swelling after a hair transplant, then it is important to understand that too much cold compression can inhibit the creation of one’s new hair follicles; therefore, it is good to apply the ice cautiously and avoid placing it directly on one’s scalp.

Tip #7  Eat Few Pineapple

Pineapple is known to contain natural, anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to have fresh pineapple for breakfast, or even perhaps a snack at lunch.


 Thus, swelling is caused by inflammation or fluid retention in one’s body.