6 Tips to protect one’s hairpiece from sun damage

6 Tips to protect one’s hairpiece from sun damage

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People look forward to sunny days towards cloudless, blue-skied skies for fun outdoor activities like going to the beach, swimming, cycling, and perhaps having cool refreshments.

Yet, these warmer months can indeed be of much concern to hair system wearers as they experience humidity, sweating, sun exposure.

They are also concerned about whether they can take part in water-based activities without facing embarrassing situations or causing damage to precious hair systems.

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How Does the Sun Damage a Hairpiece?

Similar to the sun damaging the skin, it can also damage the hair systems. So it is important to understand how UV rays damage our hairpieces to know what we can do to prevent it.

Every time the wigs and hairpieces tend to receive direct sunlight exposure, the UV rays do contact the oxygen molecules on the hair system, resulting in a chemical reaction referred to as oxidation.

With each exposure, it does slowly damage the outer layer of one’s hair shafts, affecting the color hues of one’s hairpieces and turning the strands into a red, brassy color. This unnatural color indicates sun damage to the hair replacement system.

Whilst protecting one’s hairpiece from oxidation is no easy task. it is a lot easier than you think! Let us show you how with these simple steps.

How to Prevent Sun Damage to One’s Hairpiece

It is easy to prevent the hairpiece from oxidation than trying to fix it later on. It is good to go in for a solid hair system maintenance routine as early on as possible to prolong one’s hairpiece’s lifespan. This is when hair system protection products are required.

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6 Tips to protect one’s hairpiece from sun damage

Cleanse the Hair System to Keep it Looking Lustrous

Start using anti-sun damage hair products on a routine basis. Enriched with several natural ingredients such as aloe, pineapple, as well Jojoba Oil, and sulfate-free shampoo that gently cleanse the hair system without removing color and retaining its moisture levels does help to choose a comfortable hair system.

It is also good to use a protective sealer that does protect the wigs and hairpieces from the sun as well as water damage.


Using a good conditioner helps protect the hairpiece from sun damage. It is good to make use of a color-safe conditioner rich in antioxidants that counteracts sun-damaged hair.

Evenly distribute it throughout one’s hair, avoiding the hairpiece base, and then let the conditioner soak into the locks for three minutes to do wonders to the hairpiece.

Using e a Protective Sealer to Repel UV Rays

Protective sealers do coat and seal the hair shaft, thus eliminating tangling, locking in moisture, and also protecting the hair against unwanted damage.

It is a good idea to opt for synthetic hair systems a leave-in conditioner, as it does contain sunscreen that does offer added protection from UV rays.

Pack a Spare

It is good to have a spare hair system. As it is possible to use a good quality men hairpiece while at each or use a cheaper one while at a swimming pool. Thus a person will feel less anxious about damage caused to an expensive hair system and this will prove affordable as well.

People are interested in top hair systems and would like to preserve them from hot sun rays. It is a good idea to find out more about different hair systems to select the best.


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