7 Ways to Remove Wig Glue the Easy Way

7 Ways to Remove Wig Glue the Easy Way

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Who would have felt that there happens to be a right or perhaps a wrong way of removing the hair system? Usually, most people do worry so much about the placing of the hairpiece on their head, and forget that they need to remove it at some point.

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7 Ways to Remove Wig Glue

1. Take Your Time

To start with while removing the hair system does take time. Avoid waiting until 30 minutes prior to going out to a party for a family get-together with friends. It is a good idea to plan ahead and do it when a person has few hours to spare.

2. Use the Right Hair System Removal Products

The most important product required for successful hair system removal happens to be the solvent. If a person needs a reminder – solvents are products that can rather get rid of adhesive without damaging one’s wig glue and healthy scalp or hair system.

Liquid solvents can be tried out and also an all-purpose adhesive remover that does work well on all permanent attachment adhesives and can be made use of to remove wig glue any residual adhesive from one’s scalp.

3. Use a Mirror

It does go without saying that it is a good idea to stand in front of a mirror in order to have a better look at what is being done by oneself.

A towel needs to be kept close by in case of controlling any damage that may occur. It is good to ensure that the solvent or adhesive residue does not drip on one’s face or worse, gets in one’s eyes.

4. Clip Your Hair Back

Before starting, clip the hairs on the front of one’s hairpiece back so none of them get in one’s way, then do take the solvent and then apply it on the adhesive or perhaps tape.

7 Ways to Remove Wig Glue

5. Apply the Solvent Properly

If the solvent happens to be the spray kind, avoid spraying it all over. Try bringing the bottle nozzle as close to the base of one’s hair system as possible, and then spray it on the area where the adhesive or even the tape is attached to one’s scalp.

Keep doing until it feels wet. When the person applies it in such a manner, it will turn out to be a much better application of the required solvent and won’t waste the product.

If the solvent is the liquid kind, then a person needs to apply it where the hair system meets one’s scalp. Apply this all the way around the head, and avoid forgetting to wash one’s hands thoroughly with soap as well as water once the application is over.

6. Leave the Solvent to Get to Work

Waiting for a minute or two for the solvent to work on the adhesive is necessary. In case the person tries to lift the hair system off before the solvent has really worked on the adhesive, then there is the risk of losing a bit of hair.

7. Carefully Remove the Hair System

After a minute or so, gently push the hair system back with one’s fingertips. When the hair system is ready to come off, then it will start to release itself on its own. Avoid force or there will be a risk of damaging it.

In case it does not move easily, then there is the possibility that sufficient solvent may not have been applied or waited long enough. In this situation, apply some more solvent and wait another minute.

Once the hair system turns out to be loose, push it back carefully. There may be an urge to speed things up the first few times, but rushing it will not get the person anywhere. It can irritate one’s skin or need pull out some hairs.


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