Consider suggestions for controlling hair loss during winter

Consider suggestions for controlling hair loss during winter

In winter taking care of hair and scalps is important to avoid hair loss. Many opt for hair loss treatment in Hyderabad to have soft and wavy and shiny hair in winter.

Suffering from brittle hair, breakage, as well as dry, dull hair in winter? Try out various measures to keep hair in good shape and avoid hair loss.

Avoid very hot water baths

Hot water baths do help keep warm from the chilly air. Scalding hot water needs to be avoided. Hot water strips the hair of natural oils as well as moisture, leaving it dull, brittle, and also prone to breaking.

Not caring for the scalp

 A dry as well as sensitive scalp not only irritates but can also lead to more serious conditions such as eczema as well as psoriasis. When psoriasis does develop on one’s scalp, hair loss usually follows, and winter adds to the woes.

Stepping outside with wet hair

It can indeed be tempting to dry one’s hair on the go and leave it wet on a busy day. Of course, during winters, cold air does make the moisture in the hair freeze, thus separating the hair strands and ultimately causing breakage, split ends as well as frizz.

Consider suggestions for controlling hair loss during winter

Avoid using chemical-based products

Chemical-based hair products which do contain silicone can change the composition of one’s hair, thereby subjecting them to static electricity. The static electricity makes it difficult for moisture to penetrate one’s strands. Avoid products with high alcohol content, as winter hair gets even drier, and also avoid products with fragrance.

Oil the ends of one’s hair often

For stopping hair fall in winter, moisturizing the hair helps as it fights static electricity. When the hair is exposed to the winter air, the dry air does cause the static to stay on one’s strands, and the molecular charges repel strands away from each other. In other words, the hair separates into a frizzy mess. Hydrated hair is heavier in weight and thus keeps hair strands bonded together.

Avoid using water to wash the hair

To avoid hair loss in winter, it is critical to wash one’s hair carefully. Just like one’s skin, the scalp does get dry in the winter months. Thus, washing one’s scalp and hair needs to be done when required.

Trim one’s hair regularly

It is good to follow one’s regular hair care treatments during the winter months. Getting the hair trimmed every six weeks will indeed remove damaged ends and also promote healthy growth.

Do not leave the house with wet hair

Hair fall in winter does worsen when people do not properly dry their hair. To avoid the effects of winter static as well as dry air on wet strands, fully drying the hair before stepping out makes sense to keep hair in good shape to avoid frizzy hair.

Deep condition once a week

If one’s hair is dry, which is common during winter, it is especially important to keep the hair hydrated to avoid damage and also breakage. Deep conditioning at home once a week and in the salon once a month for best results is advisable.

Avoid frequent hair washes

Hair fall during winter does become worse by unnecessary and frequent washes. It is also good to think of hair loss treatment in Hyderabad.

Commit to a weekly hair mask

Weekly hair masks do help dry and damaged hair. Hair masks reverse the effects of dryness as they are quick and easy to use and also provide benefits such as softening, hydrating, as well as adding shine.

Avoid heat styling

Finally, the simplest way to avoid hair loss in winter is by opting for easy, no-fuss air drying. Air drying does make use of less heat, preventing the hair from becoming even more brittle and also drying during winter. Also, avoid styling tools such as curlers to straighten the hair. Prefer combing one’s hair with a wide toothbrush for minimal impact on one’s hair.


Such tips if followed keep hair hydrated and looking great this winter. Hair loss can be bothersome.