Non-surgical Hair Transplant: Transform Hair Loss Treatment

Non-surgical Hair Transplant: Transform Hair Loss Treatment

Non-surgical hair transplants are a way to deal with hair loss problems. Bald people, be they women or men, do try solutions to overcome their baldness.

Hair loss is distressing, and men and women both want solutions to their baldness.

What is there to know about this health problem?

  • Male-pattern baldness is indeed a complicated condition that no one totally understands.
  • No single treatment works for everyone, but there are a few tried-and-true solutions.
  • Minoxidil and finasteride do work well. Experts do admit that it is good to be wary of expensive pills as well as flashy devices.

Men do lose hair, and a few do not.

Former luscious locks do thin out and fall, and this could be an inherited problem as genes do play a role. Other factors can be hormonal changes or aging as well.

What are the solutions for hair loss treatment?

Medications help a few patients.


Rogaine is a tried-and-true medication for hair growth that comes in the form of both a liquid and a foam. The medication can also be taken orally, and the low-dose pill version can turn out to be a better option and also a cheaper way to treat hair loss.

This drug, Rogaine, is known as minoxidil, and it is a cheap and generic treatment for high blood pressure. The treatment tends to enlarge thin hairs and also makes a hair’s growth phase last longer.

Side effects can include chest pain and other heart issues, as well as thicker, darker hair growth everywhere on one’s body. It is necessary to keep using the drug to continue seeing results.


The drug Finasteride happens to be a well-tried-out treatment recommended by doctors. There are potential and undesirable side effects, and few people like to avoid them.

Finasteride, also known as Propecia, is a prostate medication that can also help control and prevent male-pattern baldness by blocking the effects of certain hormones on the man’s hair follicles. It usually takes about six months for results, and it is necessary to keep using the drug in order to maintain results.

Blocking such hormones can decrease a man’s sexual drive, increase his breast size, and also contribute to erectile dysfunction. It can cause heart issues, but there are no sexual side effects linked to the drug.

There is also a stronger, finasteride-like prostate drug known as dutasteride, which can work even better.


This can also be greater than with Propecia.

Platelet-rich-plasma therapy

Platelet-rich plasma can be utilized for hair loss. It is injected to help with conditions like arthritis as well.

This therapy does improve hair loss. The technique does require patients to get their blood drawn, then spun in a sort of centrifuge to extract platelets, a special kind of cell in one’s blood that is necessary for clotting and also wound healing. These special cells are re-injected into a person’s scalp in order to promote hair growth.

Red-light therapy, microneedling, and hair vitamins

There are several sorts of red-light combs and caps that can be bought on the internet and promote hair regrowth. Prices range from a few dollars to thousands. They may work.

There is little evidence that a few brands of hair vitamins, like Viviscal or Nutrafol, can work for some people.

Non-surgical Hair Transplant: Transform Hair Loss Treatment
Non-surgical Hair Transplant: Transform Hair Loss Treatment

Few people opt for do-it-yourself hair growth and try combining different hair-re-growing methods, including micro-needling their scalp, a process that does use thin needles to stimulate the skin, and also applying Rogaine.

What do experts non-surgical hair transplant say?

Experts suggest the use of cheap, well-researched medications like minoxidil and finasteride prior to going on to  any internet searches for new devices or  even supplements. Eventually, all these strategies will be temporary fixes for hormonal hair loss.


Hair loss treatment is an aesthetic problem that is also due to underlying health issues that can be psychological too.