Top 9 Tips to Prevent Swelling after Hair Transplant Surgery

Top 9 Tips to Prevent Swelling after Hair Transplant Surgery

Best hair clinic can deal well with swelling that may occur at the time of hair restoration. Hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad has good facilities for hair restoration and the client will be taken good care of.

Modern hair restoration despite being minimally invasive and therefore, quite easy on one’s body, is still a surgical procedure. There is definitely a risk of swelling after surgery, even if it is done smoothly. Best hair clinic can do a good job of hair restoration. 

After few days after the respective hair transplant, there is a possibility of swelling which can affect one’s forehead and eyes. 

What is swelling?

Swelling is the enlargement of an unusual part of one’s body, both internal and external. It can rather develop on account of inflammation or perhaps due to fluid retained in one’s body. The body does react to this trauma. Surgical wounds happen to be a form of injury that can cause infection as well as swelling. Anesthesia is given due to a lot of fluid being injected into the head before surgery can also be a reason for swelling. Medicines injected during surgery can cause swelling.                                     

Tips to prevent or reduce swelling

There are ways to minimize swelling even after it has developed. 

1. Cold compress

Making use of a cold compress can reduce puffiness around one’s eyes. It helps in narrowing the blood vessels near the eye, thus preventing the effects of eye puffiness. Everything needs to be done with care, as excessive use of cold compression can indeed affect the growth of new hair follicles. Best hair clinic can advise well.

Compression does reduce swelling by reducing blood flow. It is better to compress the cheeks and not on the head as the graft happens to be fragile, and unnecessary pressure or even movement can damage it.

 2. Avoid vigorous exercise

It is better to avoid vigorous exercise as it can lead to sweating. 

Strenuous physical activity can increase swelling. It can also lead to bursting of swelling and thus cause the formation of a blood clot Sweating can also interfere with the healing process as there is a risk of infection. Hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad can advise accordingly. 

3. Elevate the head

The surgical area needs to be elevated and is usually recommended for all sorts of surgery, not merely hair transplantation. The head needs to be up even while sleeping. Also, it is advisable not to try to bend over and look down instead of lifting it.

4. Sleep on one’s back

It would help if you didn’t sleep on your forehead at the immediate stage of your next hair transplant. Make sure your back supports the weight while you sleep. Also, watch out for the angle of your head. Put a few pillows under your neck to reduce swelling.

 5. Drink lots of water and keep hydrated

During a hair transplant, it is necessary to be hydrated as much as possible. Water helps clean the liquid that is injected into one’s head during surgery. This helps reduce the swelling. Drink more water.

 6. Continue with massage

It is better to use a gentle sweeping motion from the center of one’s forehead to the side to push the fluid under the skin. It is important not to pull the skin, and it is better to avoid touching the recipient area.

 7. Take the medicine

Medicine can be had after hair transplant pain after surgery. Instruction needs to be followed after the operation. 

8. Avoid certain drugs

Avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen for about a week as these drugs cause do cause blood thinning and increase swelling.

9.  Use of steroids

Taking very low dose steroids does help reduce swelling on one’s forehead. The steroid is given in the form of an injection. Corticosteroids are also administered to reduce swelling.

Top 9 Tips to Prevent Swelling after Hair Transplant Surgery


If swelling persists despite following the above-mentioned tips it is better to consult a doctor as early as possible. Applying the ice pack every hour for up to 10 minutes a good idea.