Follicular Unit Extraction for Women: Effective Hair Treatment 

Follicular Unit Extraction for Women: Effective Hair Treatment 

Female pattern hair loss is indeed a very traumatic experience for women and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) can be thought of to resolve the issue. There is indeed a wide range of best hair treatment options available in Hyderabad, including a hair transplant, which happens to be a surgical hair restoration for women.

Female hair transplants do require a great deal of skill as well as artistry. The procedure involves a fine grafting technique. This procedure of hair restoration for women does provide a natural-looking hairline and the results do show up in just a few weeks. Eyebrow hair restoration for women has become a widely searched procedure on account of health problems.

FUE Treatment in Hyderabad

A bald scalp does make a person look twice one’s age and this can indeed lead to lower self-esteem. FUE is an excellent and proven method to regain one’s youthfulness as well as confidence. Local anesthesia is administered to ensure the client does not experience any pain during the surgery. Small incisions of barely 1mm are made on the back side to extract the hair follicles with small tweezers. The follicles are rather planted on the bald scalp for hair growth, which will show results in 3 to 6 months. This is a painless procedure that does cause minimal damage, and there will be no major surgery marks after completion of this procedure. There is indeed no recovery time required for such a procedure.

Follicular Unit Extraction for Women: Effective Hair Treatment 

Hair on the head is much cherished by both men and also women. They do spend a lot of time and also effort to maintain their hair. Despite the hair care, hair does begin to fall and soon they begin to become bald, more so in the case of men. Bald patches do affect men psychologically, making them less confident. They need not worry too much on that count, as technology can come to their respective aid in the form of follicular unit extraction. With the follicular unit extraction procedure, men can grow their self-confidence back as hair growth is reinstated and this is true in the case of women too.

Grey hair can be treated with medicines

The hair follicle has two sorts of cell systems, a particular method for creating new hair and a second method for supplying pigment to growing hair follicle. Grey hair occurs when the pigment cells have died or stopped functioning on account of UV exposure, Pollution, accumulation of free radicals, stress, and nutritional deficiencies can affect hair growth and cause hair loss. 

Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction

Several benefits of follicular unit extraction include

  • The procedure was superior to transplantation with, of course, lesser pain.
  • No damage to one’s hair follicles.
  • Hair does grow back to its previous luster.
  • Hair also fills bald patches.
  • Restores younger look.
  • Restores self-confidence.

Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery Procedure

Follicular Unit Extraction surgery is rather performed under local anesthesia on one’s scalp, making use of precise extraction devices like punches and tweezers to

  • Extract hair follicles from the back of one’s head.
  • Make individual incisions on the bald patch.
  • Place the extracted follicles in each incision.

The procedure does depend on the number of follicles extracted and could take 2–10 hours. There are indeed no untoward side effects and a person can perform normal duties within 1 day. Hair growth does resume from the 3rd month onwards.

Follicular Unit Extraction Treatment Cost

The cost of each graft is around Rs. 75. The total cost is based on the area to be covered.


There are no noticeable side effects in the follicular unit extraction procedure


follicular unit extraction procedure with the latest equipment in a state-of-the-art facility is made use of for good results.