Is Hair transplantation a safe option?

Is Hair transplantation a safe option?

Hair transplantation must be done in reputed clinics by experts who are certified. Hair transplants are preferred by those who want to look good if they happen to be bald.

Hair transplantation is also known as hair restoration. If this surgery is performed by qualified, experienced board-certified doctors, then hair transplantation is indeed safe as well as permanent. It does not involve any sort of chemicals or medicines that can cause any kind of harm to the hair or body, and it is not a complicated procedure that will affect one’s life. It grows naturally, but every hair follicle does have a lifespan, and it is the same for transplanted hair follicles as well, so they may stop growing at some point in time.

Hair transplant treatment options

There are mainly two techniques that are used to restore thick as well as natural-looking hair.

Follicular unit transplantation

It is indeed a single-striped method where a long and thin piece of tissue is removed with the help of a stereo-microscopic dissection from the back of one’s scalp. It takes only 10–12 days to heal as well as recover, as this is manageable by nature. It does look like natural hair, as there is a thin, linear scar that is not visible and can be hidden by the hair. If any patient does feel like having maximum volume in his or her hair, then they need to opt for FUT. It gives better coverage and fullness to the scalp. It is better to prefer to have this surgery done by board-certified doctors, as they only give successful results.

Follicular Unit Extraction

It is indeed a process whereby hair follicles are taken from the other part of one’s body and embedded into the thinner part of the scalp. Micro punch techniques are used by surgeons to extract hair follicles and then transplant them, leaving no signs of it. It is considered to be an advanced technology, and the patient does not feel any kind of discomfort and recovers quickly. It is cost-friendly.

Which treatment is best for a hair transplant?

FUE has been acknowledged as the best treatment for hair transplantation as it is an advanced technology. The hair extracted from other parts of the body is moved to the thinner part of the scalp. It is pain-free and leaves sort of no scars as compared to FUT. It does not cause any kind of discomfort to the patient, and the recovery rate is fast. In this procedure, there happens to be no hospitalization as it is a one-day treatment, and it is carried out with technological sophistication. This happens to be the most efficient and effective treatment for hair transplantation. It is the most preferred procedure, can last for a lifetime, and also ensures the health of one’s hair.

Is hair transplantation a safe option?
Is hair transplantation a safe option?
Is hair transplant painful?

Usually, there is no pain during the surgery, and the possibility of having pain is also quite low.

The FUE procedure is painless because it kind of extracts hair follicles from other parts of the body and then embeds them into the scalp, but in the FUT procedure, a strip method is adopted—a long, thin strip removed from the back of the scalp—so this treatment is no doubt a little bit more painful. Due to anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain, and in all surgical operations, anesthesia is used for painless operations.


It is better to go to a reputed clinic rather than opt for a doctor or clinic to save money, as the surgical procedure may be cheap. It can be harmful to life. The doctor needs to be certified and have relevant experience in their respective field.

Patients need to give more attention and care when choosing their surgeons for the surgery and protect themselves from unlicensed practitioners.