Regain Personality; Hair Transplant for Baldness

Regain Personality; Hair Transplant for Baldness

Hair loss has necessitated a hair transplant. Initially, several affected people tend to overlook it, as it may not be very noticeable. Yet, as time passes and the loss becomes more apparent, it can be a distressing ordeal.

This often leads to feelings of depression, as it does impact one’s psychological well-being.

Hair transplantation surgery does happen to be the sole method for permanently addressing hair loss and also remains a highly sought-after cosmetic procedure globally. The selection of treatment for hair loss is heavily dependent on several factors, like the extent of baldness, age, and condition of hair follicles in the respective donor area.

Hair transplant procedure

There are several treatments available for baldness, including medications, PRP therapy, and hair transplants. While medications are indeed effective, long-term results are not all that guaranteed, and hair loss can resume once the medications are discontinued. PRP therapy, on the other hand, is quite effective but is only recommended in specific cases and has limited use in advanced baldness.

Hair transplantation is considered a last resort for addressing baldness. This procedure involves extracting hair follicles from donor areas and implanting them into the desired bald spot. It is an elective procedure, and the patient can opt for it at any sort of stage of hair loss.

Hair transplant clinics are a highly sought-after destination for individuals facing hair loss worldwide. Renowned experts in the global hair transplant industry have the requisite expertise and exceptional abilities for unique, result-oriented treatment processes.

Hair transplants are effective for high-grade baldness.

A hair transplant happens to be the sole solution for severe baldness. With the correct approach, method, and proper treatment planning, hair transplant treatment can indeed effectively address high-grade baldness. The combination technique is indeed considered the most effective method for treating severe baldness.

How did the combination technique come into practice?

The creation of the combination technique was a response to the increasing demand for hair transplant procedures with higher densities. Over time, advancements in hair transplant techniques have led to the development of the combination approach, which allows for the harvesting of more hair grafts in a single session. This innovation has significantly expanded the possibilities within the hair transplant industry, offering patients the opportunity to achieve greater density results.

Regain Personality; Hair Transplant for Baldness

How is the combination technique carried out?

Before learning the combination method, it is essential to have a good understanding of the fundamental primary hair transplant procedures. The FUT hair transplant involves excising a small strip of skin from the donor region and then dissecting it under, of course, high magnification to collect each hair graft. On the other hand, the FUE procedure does entail plucking each hair follicle via the skin, making use of a punch surgical tool of varying diameter, to reduce scarring by removing each hair follicle individually from a larger inter-space.

The combination procedure, which entails performing both the FUT and FUE hair transplants in a single session, is in vogue. These procedures are rather utilized sequentially to harvest the necessary number of hair grafts. The majority of the required number is obtained using the FUT technique, while the remaining required number of hair follicles is indeed removed using the FUE technique. The combination approach is employed to maximize the number of hair grafts gathered within a single session.

The combined procedure is very beneficial in cases of severe hair loss where a larger number of hair transplants are required.


Such methods of treating hair loss minimize damage to the hair grafts, as they do require less harvesting compared to FUE, which has a higher likelihood of harming the hair follicles. A hair transplant is indeed a good solution to baldness.